Container Transferium

Accommodating peaks, reducing congestion and more efficient truck transport. These are the aims of the BCTN Container Transferium Rotterdam-Oost, the third Rotterdam based container area that will be operational from March 2015 and to which terminals, shipping companies and the Havenbedrijf Rotterdam have demonstrated their commitment via a ‘letter of support’.

Rotterdam-Oost is inextricably linked to the Maasvlakte expansion and maintaining access to it. In Rotterdam-Oost, lorries will load and unload containers that would otherwise have to be driven on the overburdened A15 to the Maasvlakte.

Next day delivery

From the Transferium, there are daily inland waterway shuttles to the container terminals of APMT, ECT, RWG and Euromax on the Maasvlakte. There will be a guarantee that containers delivered in Rotterdam-Oost will be unloaded the next day at the Maasvlakte and vice versa. This guarantee from BCTN is a triumph for road transport planners. Sea port terminals, shippers, expediters and road transporters will know exactly where they stand.


Rotterdam-Oost is an ‘extended gate’ including a ‘full-service maintenance & repair’ depot. BCTN has contracted a leading Rotterdam business for these services with years of experience in this sector. Empty containers will be examined upon arrival and, if necessary, cleaned and/or repaired. The transferium is therefore a ‘pick-up’ and ‘drop-off’ location for both full and empty containers. Road transporters can therefore use Rotterdam-Oost as their turn-around location. They can leave a full and take an empty container or vice versa.

Savings of 50%

Parties can save up to 50% on transport costs (Transferium-Maasvlakte) with Rotterdam-Oost. Now that the economy is recovering, the number of transhipment containers on the Maasvlakte is increasing. Despite road expansion, the congestion on the A15 has only increased and there are long traffic jams between Rozenburg and Ridderkerk every day.

Rotterdam-Oost is the best solution to this, given that the last part of the journey can now be covered using the inland waterway shuttle rather than the road. Fewer kilometres, less time, lower costs – these are the savings.

The ideal location

Rotterdam-Oost is especially interesting for road transporters from the hinterland as drivers can avoid a return trip to the Maasvlakte (2 x 60 kms). Including processing time at the seaport terminal, this saves around three to four hours. In addition, they no longer have to access the busy A15 to visit a gas testing station. In Rotterdam-Oost, there will be a ‘full-service maintenance & repair’ depot which will encompass a gas testing station too.

The centrally located Transferium is ideal as a ‘pick-up' and ‘drop-off’ point for all full and empty sea containers. Seventy-five percent of the Maasvlakte-containers that leave Rotterdam pass Rotterdam-Oost so it’s the ideal location for a ‘full-service extended gate’. Rotterdam-Oost focuses on container transport on the roads that cannot be processed by an ‘inland terminal’.

CY Rotterdam-Oost

The entire logistics chain will benefit and shipping companies will be able to offer CY Rotterdam-Oost to their customers. Shipping companies will be able to offer this service to both ‘carrier haulage’ and ‘merchant haulage’ customers. Customers will be offered the choice between collecting from/delivering to the Maasvlakte, or Rotterdam-Oost for a small surcharge. This service is therefore also available to ‘merchants’.

Over the past few years, seaport terminals have increasingly had to process large ‘calls’. By using dedicated barges to Rotterdam-Oost, they will be better able to accommodate peaks and achieve their modal split targets. It is also beneficial that the seaport terminals are already familiar with the ‘second modality’. The inland waterway shuttle service provided by the transferium is also an alternative to the so-called internal track on the Maasvlakte.

Kernpunten Rotterdam-Oost

Derde containergebied van Rotterdam

Dagelijkse binnenvaartshuttle naar alle Maasvlakte-terminals

Trucks kunnen ‘ronddraaien’

Full service maintenance & repair depot

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