The Container Transferium is based on the concept of a transferium for people. Nowadays, most cities offer great P+R services to relieve parking pressure in the city centre and reduce congestion on the roads.

Rotterdam-Oost has the same aim, but focussing on containers. The unloaded containers will be consolidated so that they relieve the burden on the A15 and the Maasvlakte. This directly contributes towards maintaining accessibility to the port of Rotterdam.

3rd container area

The Container Transferium Rotterdam-Oost is the third Rotterdam-based container area alongside the Maasvlakte and the Waal and Eem port area. The strategic location on the edge of the Rotterdam ring-road is particularly advantageous as truckers can unload and pick up new containers in an area that is relatively free from congestion.

Seventy-five percent of the Maasvlakte-containers that leave Rotterdam pass Rotterdam-Oost. By using Rotterdam-Oost, truckers are spared a return trip to the Maasvlakte on the busy A15.

All Maasvlakte terminals every day

Soon the new container terminals RWG and APMT2 on Maasvlakte 2 go into operation. Rotterdam is therefore ready for the future, can continue to develop and can remain competitive with the surrounding ports.

There will be a guarantee that containers delivered in Rotterdam-Oost will be unloaded the next day at the Maasvlakte and vice versa. The BCTN inland waterway shuttle will visit all of the Maasvlakte terminals every day. The option to collect containers in Rotterdam-Oost provides a significant time-saving for truckers.

Full-service maintenance & repair depot

The container Transferium will be equipped with a full-service maintenance & repair depot. Empty containers that are delivered will be checked and can, if necessary, be repaired and cleaned. To this end, BCTN has signed a contract with a leading Rotterdam party with many years of experience in this sector. In the first instance, BCTN is focussing on standard containers but, if there is sufficient demand, will also work with chilled containers.

The turnaround time for empty containers will be very quick in Rotterdam-Oost. In contrast to a traditional depot, BCTN has a high number of inland waterway transport vessels. These will transport containers to other BCTN locations from the transferium.

Gas testing station

Rotterdam-Oost is a one-stop-shop for all container-related affairs. Containers that are collected can be tested in advance at the gas testing station on site. As a result, drivers can avoid having to make an extra stop and incurring the corresponding delays. If undesirable gases are measured, this will be promptly communicated and the container can be either passively or actively de-gassed.

Paper-free transport

Shipping companies can offer CY Rotterdam-Oost to their customers. This means that recipients and transporters can collect their containers at the Transferium. The (customs) services at Rotterdam-Oost allow containers to be transported from the Maasvlakte without any paper documentation.

Rotterdam-Oost is the perfect ‘extended gate’ for parties that would like to collect and remove their containers quickly. The customs formalities at the Container Transferium are handled by our employees.